car wash service in dubai

Get your car washed at your convenience

Special Features of Ecoshine Car Wash Service

Eco-Friendly (No Usage of Electricity)

No spillages of water in the parking area

Usage of MICROFIBRE towels for car surfaces

Protecting the surface of vehicles from Ultra Violent rays

Well trained staff with complete car washing technical knowledge and skills


Significant Reduction in water wastage - Maximum usage of 1 Litre per viehicle

6 Internationally recognised steps to wash any vehicle

Usage of Biodegradable solutions to guarantee NO DAMAGE to car paint

NO usage of soap, and commonly used detergents

  • car wash service in dubai

THE ecoshine CONCEPT

Ecoshine provides Premium Car Wash Service in Dubai.

Our washing cart are not only mobile, luxurious, and convenient, they are also 100% environment friendly, saving millions of litres of water annually. This innovative idea is the future of car washing around the world. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!

In time past, the concept of car washing meant an isolated building, hoses, compressors, water facilities big messes, chemicals, electricity and more than that a huge amount of water wasted (about 180/120L per car). This Ecoshine Car Wash Service is innovative and productive concept creates an ease for the service provider as well as helping the customer to save some time. Read more about us